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Alyson Hannigan Sites

Alyson Hannigan Corner - Great site with screen caps, pics, and interviews.
Purely Aly - For fanfic starring any of Aly's characters.
The Ultimate Willow Fan Page - The ultimate Aly site.
We Possess Willow Power - The oldest Aly fansite - which Aly herself joined!
Willow's Room - Aly site with some interesting stuff.
Willow Wonderland - Aly fansite with lots of info!

Angel & Angel : The Series Sites

Action Hero
Angel & The Women
Angel, Angel and More Angel
Angel Forever
Angel: The King Of My Heart
Angel Lovers Anonymous
Angel Phantasy
AngelicVampire's page of Angel Worship
Angel's Secrets
Angel's Apartment
An Angel's Soul
Angel's Tattoo - small page on exactly what it sounds like
Angelus Dedication
Angelus Investigations
ANGELusters - Bite Me! Join!
+ - ::bound to you:: - +
City of Angel
Dead Boy
Essentially Angel
Eternal Angel
Hell's Heavenly Angel
Love Always Angel
Love From the Depths of My Soul, Angel
more naked angel // please?
On Angel's Wings
Our Angelus
To Shanshu In L.A.
a shot in the dark
So Bad - All Angelus
Taste of Eternity

Award Sites

The Dancing Witch Awards - Awards for Willow sites.
Shades of Grey Awards - for Willowfic and sites.
The Vamped Awards - for Buffy and Angel webpages.
Vixen Fiction Awards - Awards for all kinds of Willow fic.
The Willowy Goodness Awards - Awards for any and all Willow-centric fanfic

Buffy Information Sites

AllThings Philosophical on BtVS - An interesting site where the technical aspects of BtVS are discussed.
And You Thought You Were Obsessed With BtVS - Awesome resource site with very unique sections.
Angel Fanfiction Resources - A resource site for writing A:tS fanfic.
Buffy Body Count - A site that lists all the people or demons killed onscreen..
The Buffy Cross and Stake - An info site with spoilers, cast info, and episode guide.
Buffy Dialogue Database - Quotes, plot arcs, nicknames and much more!
BuffyGuide.Com - The complete Buffy episode guide.
Buffyology - A site with links to essays on various Buffy topics.
Buffy Skins by Ian - Tons of Buffy and Angel Sim skins, lots, and extra goodies.
Drew's Script-O-Rama - Transcript site for tons of shows.
From Obscurity to Spin Offs - A site with lots of good general info on both shows.
Learn Something - Buffy canon versus fanon.
Official Buffy Site - The UPN's official site.
Spoiler Slayer - This site rates the probability of various rumors/spoilers.
A Touch of Magic - A site that focuses on the magic of BtVS and AtS.
Vague It Up - Various essays/commentary on Buffy and Angel.
Yummy Sushi Pajamas - Site devoted to the fashion of BtVS/AtS

Cultural/Historical/Setting References

Every Celtic Thing on the Web
Complete Guide to Galway
James Hardiman's History of Galway
Romani.org Gypsy Folk Medicine Romanian History Boxer Rebellion Boxer Rebellion - longer
Progressive Los Angeles: a history, 1950 - 1960 Yahoo! Listing for Los Angeles

David Boreanaz Sites

Fanfic Sites

Acerbus Caerus
Adult Willow Fanfic Archive
All Things Willow
Bite Me, Please?
The Course of True Love
Dark Comforts
Darkness to Light
Fever of Fate
Fire And Ice Archive
FireIce Angel & Willow Fiction
Fire in the Blood
The Hellmouth and Beyond
I Am Evil, Hear Me Roar
It Just Screams Love
It's Always the Quiet Ones
Kiss or Kill
Make Me Bad
Melissa's Page
Meltdown - A Willow Wonderland
Perfect Love
Place Where Forbidden Love Dwells
The Quickie Challenge Site
Red's Hidden Crypt
Saber ShadowKitten's Fanfiction
Soulmates to the End of Time
Temptation Embraced
A Vampire's Love
Wacky Witch Willow
When the Flood Rolls Back
The Willow Archive
Willow's Angel
Willow's Heart
Willow's Lil' Secret
Willow's Ripper
A Witch's Love
Wooing Red

General Archives

Bottled Heaven
Blood and Beers - An archive for fic about drunk BtVS/AtS characters.
BTVS Writer's Guild - Because with fanfiction, anything is possible.
Buffdom - Buffonia's fanfic site.
The Hellmouth and Beyond- Spurglie's site with Willow and non-Willow pairings.
Mystic Muse - Awesome collection of great fanfic!
Penumbra - Kendra A and Len's archive, Willow pairings, non-Willow pairings and other fandoms.
The Slayer's Fanfic Archive - All kinds of ships are here!
Spanking the Slayerettes - An adults only archive focusing on kink fic.
Unconventional Relationshippers Archive - Any UC relationship can be found here!
Unfit For Society - A collection of several author's sites, plus loads of links.
Watchers - A "spin-off" of Buffy.  New weekly episodes begin Sept. 2003!
Your Mission ... - A challenge site with challenges and challengefic. Reference Sites
10 Big Myths About Copyright Explained - The author explains what's true and what's false about copyright.
The Alternate History Travel Guides - A great site about alternate histories and how to write them!
BabyNamer.com - Need a name for an original character? You can find 21,000 different names here!
Bartlett's Familiar Quotations - Looking for a quote? You'll find it here. 
Behind the Name - Site that has the meaning of different names.
Best of British - A British-American Dictionary.
Brubaker Swords and Armony - a site that has pics of all types of weapons.
California Penal Code - A site that lists the California penal code.
Deviant's Dictionary - an *adult only* site dealing with BDSM and other sexual activities.
Dialect Translations - More of a joke than serious, but it does have cockney and 'hacker'!
Free Translations - A site with ... you guessed it-- free translations into other languages!
Gallery of Demons - Demons from all over the world.
Haunted Places - a list of the haunted places by state and country.
Haunted Places in the UK - a list of haunted places in the UK.
Jewish Encyclopedia - An encyclopedia of all things Jewish.
Latin Dictionary - Need something translated to or from Latin? This is the link you need.
Map Point - You guessed it, this site has maps!
Myths and Legends - Another myths and legends page.
Occultopedia - An encyclopedia for all things occult.
Of Gods and Men - The A to Z of Mythology and Legend.
Swordsonline.com - A site with lots of sharp, shiny, pointy swords.
Translations - This site is able to translate into some less popular languages.
Vampire Legends - Various legends about demons that have vampiric qualities.
Wizard's Gay Slang Dictionary - Title really explains it all.
World Lingo - A site that translates into more obscure languages.
Yahoo Groups BtVS Fanfic Listing - There are lots to choose from!

Search Engines/Cliques/Discussion Boards

BASIC - Listing of slash and slash friendly sites.
Buffy Search.Com - Large search engine for Buffy sites.
Fanfic Web - A site with sites for many different fandoms.
Red - A clique for Willow fans.
Slayer's Online - A site where sites are listed! Lots of different things to look into here!
Shippers United - A discussion board for any and all BtVS/A:tS ships against ship wars.
Sonja Marie's BtVS Links - The motherload of all BtVS and A:tS links.
Under Your Spell - A collection of Willow links. If you know of a Willow site, submit it!
Walking in the Spider Web - A TV and Movie site database.

Willow Interest Links

Cauldrons-Broomsticks.net- An E-zine put out at every sabbat (8 times a year).
Celtic Connection - Wicca site with lots of basic information!
Hackers - A series of newspaper articles about hackers.
Hackers.com - A hacker information site.
Modern Witchcraft - a site that explains modern witchcraft.
A Student's Guide to Wicca - A great site that explains wicca.
Witchvox -Wicca/Witchcraft site. Contains lots of links, regional info and different viewpoints on the craft..


Near Her Always Fanfic & Update List - The companion list to the Willow zone of the Guild
Adult Willow Spike- A list for all adult Willow fic.
BtVS Kink - An adult list for those who like the kinkier side of life.
UCSL- A list for any unconventional relationship.
willangel- A Willow/Angel fanfic list.
Willfic- a general Willow fanfic list
Willow Vampires - A Willow/Vampires 'shipper list.
UCfic4BtVS - A BtVS-centric unconventional 'shippers

Writing Links

Above the Law
Angel Fan Fiction Resources
Bad Fanfic! No Biscuit! Beta Readers: Finding One is Worse Than Blind Dating. - An amusing article on finding a beta reader.
Buffy Shooting Script Site
BTVS Writers' Guild - Because fanfiction makes anything possible
Challenge-in-a-Can - A site that will give you a character, setting, etc. to challenge you to write.
Fic Feedback
Fiction Writer's Page - A page with tips for new writers!
The Page of Generators - ideas/names for various types of things (magical items, Big Bads, etc.)
Plot Bunnies - A site that is exclusively challenges!
Quickie Challenge Site - A Willow challenge site.
Writer's University - Tons of info for new fanfic writers!
Your Mission ... - A challenge site with challenges and challengefic.

Language Resources

An tlnneall Mallachtaí - The Curse Engine
Focal an Lae - The Word of the Day in Irish
Latin - English Translations
Gaelic - English - Gaelic Translation